best fence to keep goats in?

QuestionsCategory: Animalsbest fence to keep goats in?
Mike Pelcan asked 3 months ago

what is the best fencing for goats?  open to all ideas

Cashstax Staff replied 3 months ago

We use woven wire fence with electric wire added on as well. We put one strand of electric about 2 inches above the woven wire part, then about 1 foot from the ground on the inside if the fence and about 4 inches from the ground on the outaide of the fence to stop predators! So far it has worked very well for us!

Eddy RodriguezEddy Rodriguez replied 2 months ago

I had a goat that escaped a corral, I let the fella lose a couple weeks later, the goat became human friendly after 4 weeks. I don’t know that best fencing to keep a goat inside but yea I would recommend something higher than the goat itself since they to jump over things.