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Sunny ShawnSunny Shawn asked 6 months ago

What are my options for pre-cooling milk as much as possible before it gets to the tank? Already got a plate cooler. The issue is the tanker has changed route and is lifting our milk often before we’re finished the last row so it’s not all getting cooled. Is an ice builder an option along with a 2nd plate cooler or is it too inefficient.

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Cashstax Staff answered 5 months ago

have two old open best ice bank tanks with a substantial plate cooler (120-130 plates ? ) 11-12 creeps of plates.
The initial 60 plates are on mains tap water, the lay on frosted water provided by a submersible direct in the base of the greater tank. The tanker is here as we complete the process of draining and the drain is at 4 C, inasmuch as we have exchanged everything on.
We put more drain in the little tank first toward the beginning of the day , which has longer to cool , and less into the enormous tank,mixed with a greater volume from night effectively frosty.
Bactoscans of 10-20 in summer so it appears to work, the tanks are almost full.
In sweltering climate we are squandering a great deal of water through the plate cooler, however the drain is frosty!