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Divya SinhaDivya Sinha asked 5 months ago

just seen on fb farmers for action page, that many farmers are feeding 1st cut and have no grass growth, and forage stocks are at an all time low, coupled with cows starting to ease production. Then other parts of the country people have silage coming out there ears and heaps off grass growth.

We have stopped growing grass until the next bout of rain, and the ground seems to need a wet time to make up still for the dry winter, but our cows are dry, maize and whole crop looking well and done 3 cuts of silage. Shall be keen for some decent rain followed by growth tho, as I’d like to keep away from the stored forage for a long while yet.

How are the collective here getting on?

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Eddy RodriguezEddy Rodriguez answered 1 month ago

Well I don’t have cattle but one of my friends does. How he does it, he collects grass in the summer and winter and stores it inside a building for later use.