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Sunny ShawnSunny Shawn asked 5 months ago

What is the best way of supplementing dairy cattle with minerals?
I have a simple low input of silage fed in feed rings and concentrates fed in the palour. Silage they are on at the moment is first cut that was made in June and concentrates are fed to yeild in the palour at 20% protein.
Have used mineral bucket licks before and think this is the best way on my system. A silage sample has been sent off but as yet haven’t had the results but always been told it’s low on phosphorus and have used high in phosphorus licks before.
Have noticed that my cattle have seemed to lost their shine if you know what I mean and my heifers seem to like eating soil for some reason and beginning to think they are trying to tell me something. 
Been looking at the crystalyx range of cattle licks and is anyone else using them?
Looking at my cows I do seem to think they are loosing condition slightly since housing and would like to get ontop of the issue

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Eddy RodriguezEddy Rodriguez answered 1 month ago

Continue feeding your cattle.