Pre calving foot trimming

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Sunny ShawnSunny Shawn asked 6 months ago

we had a terrible year on feet one I would very happily forget. Not huge amounts of noteably lame cows just sore which then go put off because they all looked sore :banghead:

Long story short this year the foot trimmer is coming in and doing everything in the next week or 2 pre drying off and then anything that’s has something wrong I want him to see again in 6 weeks or I will lift myself. 

The question is front and backs or just backs? 

I spoke with him earlier and we came up with the idea of if there is problems on the back then do the front if backs are all good leave well alone. Is there any sense in this or am I just being silly and should just do all 4 and be done with it.

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Cashstax Staff answered 5 months ago

front and back needs to be trimmed based upon the hoof growth