Why is the worst grade an “F,” not an “E”?

QuestionsCategory: General QuestionWhy is the worst grade an “F,” not an “E”?
Cashstax Staff asked 4 months ago

Why is the worst grade an “F,” not an “E”?

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Dylan MiddletonDylan Middleton answered 4 months ago

The nonappearance of an “E” review in most educational systems is really a genuinely late marvel. Brian Palmer, Slate’s boss explainer of things, composed a piece in 2010 about this correct subject and notes that the principal reviewing framework to utilize the letter framework in the U.S. was Mount Holyoke College in 1897, where they at first executed a scale from A to E. The next year, the school included the now-feared “F” to the framework.
The A-F framework took off in schools crosswise over America. In any case, the “E” wound up being dropped throughout the years, as far as anyone knows since individuals were anxious about the possibility that that “E” could be confounded to signify “incredible.” obviously, this evaluating framework isn’t standard practice for each school in America and even right up ’til the present time a couple of schools still utilize an “E.”

Mc ManMc Man answered 4 months ago

They used to put an “E” into the grading system from, around, 1897 to 1930. I guess that they took it out after realizing that some students/parents mistook the “E” for excellent so they replaced it with the “F” for failure?….  

Eddy RodriguezEddy Rodriguez answered 1 month ago

My 3rd grade teacher told my class one simple answer why the e is not used very simple f stands for failure e has no meaning.

Cashstax Staff replied 3 weeks ago

That makes sense!